Dear Colleagues,

We are pleased to announce that the 12th National Thoracic Surgery Congress with the presence of international participants, will be held at La Blanche Island Hotel, Bodrum from October 19 to 22, 2023, organized by the Turkish Society of Thoracic Surgeons, which is the only professional society established and specialized in the subject surgical field of study.

Being held once every two years and bringing all thoracic surgeons together across the country, the congress is one of the top occasions aiming to discuss the latest developments in the profession and science in general, and welcome all our colleagues.

In our capacity as the Organizing Committee, we ensure that the scientific program within the main framework of the session primarily aims to create a forum where all scientific developments in the past 2 years are discussed, and the latest practices are demonstrated and introduced to our colleagues. Additionally, our colleagues involved in academic studies also have the common ground to exchange their theoretical knowledge as well as clinical experience.

The scientific aspect of the congress will surely be enhanced by your academic papers. The papers shall be presented in the form of posters, oral presentations, and selected oral presentations. The assessment board will reward 100 participants out of residents and specialists to exhibit oral presentations, where the highest scored applicants shall be granted the scholarship to attend the congress.

In addition to the meticulously-designed scientific program, a joyful social program has been arranged to make sure that you unwind in the midst of a busy schedule. You will spend quality time with old friends whom you have not had a chance to meet since long time, and make new contacts in a cosy environment.

We are honoured to welcome you to our beautiful city and kindly offer your inputs for this scientific festivity to be as efficient as possible, and extend our warmest regards to you all.

Hoping to see you at the 12th National Thoracic Surgery Congress...
President of TSTS
President of the Congress